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C300 Mobile Robot Loading SystemWatch AMR VideosROEQ manufactures flexible solutions developed to move your business.  Developed and designed to maximize the value of your MiR™ robots, ROEQ delivers flexible solutions to many different areas within different industries. ROEQ solutions make contributions in many types of workplaces where they enable MiR™ robots to solve multiple tasks, including package or sample delivery.  The diverse workplaces employing ROEQ carts include medical and healthcare related facilities as well as automated factory assembly lines. 


TR1000 Top Roller for MiR1000TR1000 Top Roller - Designed to automate heavy, up to 2200 lb, load-unload industrial deliveries of materials with a variety of footprint sizes and shapes.  Roller Area - height 17.72 inches, width 41.33 inches, length 55.11 inches.  The TR1000 is designed for use with the MiR1000 autonomous mobile robot.

TR500 Top Roller - Designed to automate intermediate weight, up to 1100 lb, load-unload industrial deliveries of materials with a variety of footprints.  Roller Area - height 17.7 inches, width 32.28 inches, length 54.72 inches.  The TR500 is designed for use with the MiR500 autonomous mobile robot.

TR150 Top RollerTR125 Top Roller - Designed to pick-up and deliver goods on a schedule while automatically handling the load and unload function of materials onto the 19 inch wide and 35 inch long, roller surface weighing up to 55 lbs when used with the MiR100 and 250 lbs with the MiR200.  The variable height adjustment between 25.6 inches and 31.5 inches makes it ideal for logistics use in either healthcare or industrial facilities.


AGV technology will have to move over.  There is nothing autonomous about a tethered system.  For the ultimate flexibility in automation, ROEQ also makes the following logistics solutions.

AM250 Adaptor Module - Maximize the versatility of a mixed fleet of MiR250, and MiR100 autonomous mobile robots by adding the AM250 to your MiR250.  By doing so, these MiR robots will use the same TML150 Top Module Lifter, TMR Top Module, TMC300 Top Module, and TMCExt Top Module, optimizing the efficient use of the following ROEQ material logistic solutions:
  • Cart300 for use with MiR Autonomous Mobile RobotsTMC300 with Cart300 for general purpose movement of materials with easy docking
  • TMC300Ext with Cart300 for delivery of pallets on the MiR100, or MiR250 with the AMR250
  • Rack150 for use with the TMR150
  • TML150 Top Module Lifter for Pallets, Boxes, Bins, or Parcels
Shelf Cart 300 for MiR250 AMRThe Shelf Cart 300 is picked up in free space by the MiR250, where no docking station is mounted, which adds a great deal of logistic flexibility.

By utilizing ROEQ equipment the load capacity of your MiR™ product will increase, as will the amount of payload handled, due to the diverse tasks that the ROEQ solutions enable them to perform. 

MiR Loading System from ROEQAll ROEQ operations are managed through the MiR™ interface, and the Cart, Lifter and Rack solutions are built on the same platform, making operation and service easier and standardized.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction with our reliable and safe ROEQ equipment designed for your MiR™ robots, both in terms of reliability and safety in your workplace. We focus on making safe and secure solutions and we test and try the equipment thoroughly through every stage of its development and design.

HTE and ROEQ supply lean manufacturing and warehouse solutions to factories throughout Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at