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MB Connect Line

Remote Maintenance Solutions

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mbConnect SpiderMB Connect Line delivers the Industrial Internet of Things with their family of mbCONNECT24 remote service platforms which provide an essential central web portal for remote maintenance communication, mbNET industrial routers, mbSPIDER programmable data modems with alarm functionality, and compatible accessories are an ideal choice for all remote maintenance and networking needs.


Implementing MB Connect remote maintenance solutions into your processes will provide real time production and downtime updates, simple web access during the entire product life cycle, better maintenance planning, and high operational availability. MB Connect’s remote service platform is an optimal solution for machine communication, data recording, and remote maintenance, compatible with systems from more than 90 top automation manufacturers.

mbNet Mini The mbCONNECT24 service platforms are designed for easy start-up within just a few steps – no IT knowledge required. Still have questions about features, functionality, or which product choice is best? HTE’s TECHTEAM can help. We are available to assist with any step in the integration process, from specification to ongoing support after implementation.


Remote access systems, routers, and modems from MB Connect offer increased flexibility with their variety of drivers and interfaces – suitable with many difference control systems, panels, and converters. Their range of products provide a budget-conscious solution for a diverse array of applications, and always with superior performance.


Connection of simple machines or complete production lines can both benefit from MB Connect’s secure remote access products. Used to monitor temperature, production output, water level and pressure, the remote maintenance systems are commonly found in manufacturing, packaging, utility, and machining industries.

Whether monitoring wear and tear statistics, production figures or operating status, MB Connect has a reliable, secure, and convenient computer and equipment connection solution for your remote access applications.

HTE Automation is your distributor for all MB Connect Line needs if you are located in Kansas, Missouri or Illinois.
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