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Industrial Position and Motion Sensors

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Posital Fraba EncodersMany motion control applications, as varied as factory automation and mobile system control, demand precise, immediately available data on the exact location of mechanical components. The absolute rotary encoders from Fraba provide just that with precise and unambiguous measurements, never losing track of the component's position, even if power is interrupted, and without the use of batteries which themselves fail and require changing.


Mechanical Position EncoderFraba also offers simple, cost effective solution for accurate positioning which is where the incremental encoders that provide high resolution data via an incremental interface can be used. As with all of Fraba's products they are resistant to high shock and vibration levels.

For the monitoring of linear motion as a function of process control, or safety, Fraba's 3-49 foot Linarix draw wire sensors provide a highly reliable solution.  


Tilt sensors, or inclinometers, provide accurate data on the angle of an object as compared to the pull of gravity. These tilt / level sensor output data in proportion to a device's pitch and/or roll angle. Tilt sensors are simple to integrate to an application, in large part becuase they are free from mechanical links, simplifying design engineering. For statically positioned systems, or systems that move slowly, Fraba delivers ultra-high accuracy with their Static Inclinometers.

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