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Applied Motion Products

Servo Systems for Demanding Automation Tasks

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Stepper Servo MotorsStepper drives and motors, incremental encoders, capacitive encoders, linear actuators, integrated steppers, servo drives and motors, brushless DC motors, and gearheads are just some of the automation products that HTE Automation offers from Applied Motion Products. Complimented by a wide selection of compatible accessories, power supplies, and software, Applied Motion provides specialized motion control products that are both highly precise and cost-effective.


Integrated Stepper Servo MotorHTE’s TECHTEAM specialists are available to assist with any stage of the implementation process, from initial concept design to ongoing product support. We can help you choose the best motion control solution for your application, and if there isn’t a product ideal for the task at hand, we can help to customize one for you. Increasing productivity while reducing costs is our goal, with experience solving many complex automation problems with both custom and standard solutions.


Stepper Motor Drives
Applied Motion’s array of motion control products are used by many industries for a wide range of applications. Due to their range of speeds, frame sizes, brake motors, and control options, Applied Motion has a high quality solution for applications requiring high speed stability, velocity control and performance, with low costs and simple set up.  

When looking for superior current control for optimal torque and smoothness, Applied Motion Products offers a powerful and flexible solution with exceptional results. HTE Automation is your resource for all Applied Motion products if you are located in Kansas, Missouri or Illinois.
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