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Datalogic Machine Safety

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Datalogic Safety Equipment
Safety optoelectronic devices are the gold-standard for the required protection of factory personnel in potentially hazardous areas.  Industrial manufacturing plants and machinery can be dangerous places without machine guarding, and every industrial plant and machine installation is required by law to be made safe with safety sensors.


Pertinent international safety standards include EN61496-1, EN 61496-2, and EN 61496-3, covering electro-sensitive protective equipment, active optoelectronic protective devices known as light curtains, light grids, light beams, or light barriers, and safety laser scanners.  Each of the Datalogic safety devices, when installed correctly, allows companies to comply with the appropriate governing international safety standard.


Protecting people who approach automated machinery such as palletizers, automated vehicles, or robots is the aim of Datalogic’s safety products.  Best known are safety light curtains which protect fingers, hands and arms in machine operation applications.  Safety light grids are used to instantly shut entire processes down when hazardous zones are violated, as the light grid immediately detects the person’s entry into a protected space.

Safety Light Curtains
Industry applications in which safety guarding is used include packaging, warehouse logistics, chemicals, automotive, and machinery for electronics, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, paper, ceramics, metal and woodworking, textiles, and much more.


Warehouse logistic applications include where material handling is partially automated.  That would include the use of mobile industrial robots, automated guided vehicles, also known as AGVs, conveyors of every type, automated fork trucks and forklifts for product storage and retrieval.

One of the highest value benefits of implementing safety guarding is that it fosters greater human-machine collaboration.  Workers can confidently work near hazardous equipment knowing that errant actions on their part will not lead to personal harm.

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