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Machine Vision Implementation

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Datalogic Machine Vision CameraEach day at HTE Automation, our tenured application engineers use our in-house vision lab to apply their significant experience with machine vision applications.

Our team and lab is available to help regional manufacturers evaluate the feasibility of implementing machine vision in their application, whether that be system guidance, product inspection, or product identification.

When evaluating your application we will need to know your requirements for a number of related factors, including cycle time, tolerances of the inspection criteria, the available field of view, and any physical constraints that must be considered.


Once we understand those basic requirements, we'll need you to send us sample parts, to include those that routinely pass, as well as those that should fail inspection.  We will also need your fixturing and tooling, and any additional images, whether stills, or video, of your process.

Our application engineers will then determine the optimal lighting enhancements required, determine the system's resolution and speed limitations, analyze the system's inspection time, and determine the project's overall feasibility.


Once our evaluation is complete we will share our findings with you via a video-conference using sample images generated during the evaluation process, and provide our feedback on the overall feasibility of the project as originally specified, and then discuss our proposal and the solution's pricing.


Just a few of the high-value applications in which our customers have implemented machine vision systems include:
  • Part-Quality Inspection across every industry.  Machine vision can inspect at a 100% rate even at very high speeds, well beyond the ability of any human inspector.  When parts must be right, machine vision is almost certainly your best choice.
  • Pattern Sorting where the software compares the camera’s image with thousands of stored patterns, even when they are partially hidden, or at an unusual angle.
  • Robot Automated Guidance applications reduce the requirement for rigid fixturing, allowing the robot to accurately “see” part placement.
  • Presence Detection is used in almost every industry to confirm whether an item is in place or not.
  • Line Scanning for web inspection of fabrics, labels, and packaging.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to verify serial numbers, VIN numbers, and date codes.
The Medical device, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Electronics, Packaging, and Logistics industries are very well served by implementing machine vision.

Contact us at 800-444-4831, or to learn how we can help you accelerate the achievement of your goals through machine vision.

HTE Automation's team of seasoned application engineers have helped hundreds of regional companies as they implement quality enhancing, scrap reducing, and time saving machine vision systems.
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