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Camera DemoWith over one million vision systems installed, Datalogic is the world’s most trusted provider of 1D and 2D industrial imaging cameras, vision software, and sensors used in manufacturing automation. HTE Automation is the area’s leading application specialist, engaging daily in making sure that the optimal Datalogic camera and software solutions are applied to manufacturing applications.


Datalogic vision systems track information at each production stage, ensuring the entire process is completed correctly. VisionPro Machine Vision Software ties all the data together in a PC-based software package capable of mastering complex 2D and 3D image applications.  The Datalogic software suite also includes Datalogic Designer Vision Software, Datalogic Vision Library.

Datalogic cameras have the fastest pattern matching algorithm on the planet can inspect multiple part features simultaneously with encoder-based part tracking, resulting in improved process control, maximum flexibility, and reduced scrap, downtime, and maintenance.

Datalogic vision systems have the highest ability to inspect, identify, and guide parts. These industrial-level vision systems are self-contained, and work with a full spectrum of advanced tools providing high-speed processing and acquisition. With a large selection of models that are easy to install and configure, the In-sight systems offer reliable, repeatable performance in the toughest vision applications. 

Whether using the systems to monitor product lines, guide assembly robots, or sort and identify parts, Datalogic automation will result in fewer production errors and defects, causing reduced manufacturing costs and higher customer satisfaction.

HTE Automation is your resource for all your Datalogic Machine Vision needs if you are located in Kansas, Missouri, or Illinois.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at [email protected]
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