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High Resolution Wide HMICharacterized by high resolution graphics and many powerful interactive features, the GOT (graphical operator terminal) series of factory floor interfaces empower operators with the clear display of critical and helpful data on the factory floor.


Wide display ratios improve data visibility even when displaying large amounts of information.  VNC Server allows remote operators real time access to the same data, and to make the same adjustments, as the factory floor operator would from a tablet computer or personal computer.  This involves using the device- and host-USB ports which can also be used to conveniently download or transfer project parameters, access the data logging features, and connect a host-compatible mouse or keyboard.


The GOT series of interactive displays will all seamlessly integrate with any Mitsubishi Electric device including servos and inverter drives, so that operators can make parameter adjustments and monitor system performance. With the assortment of connection types the HMI can be connected to many industrial devices. Additionally, maintenance functions become easier with the on demand portal which accesses system information like program backup and restore functions, device monitoring, and servo maintenance.

If analysis is required, users can collect information from devices such as PLC controllers, and display the data as a list, or a graph as they analyse their system more deeply.

HTE Automation sells Mitsubishi GOT factory floor computer interfaces in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at [email protected]